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Which is better, a Jet Boat or a Glass Bottom Boat?

The jet boat is a great experience for those who like excitement! This is also the recommended option for passengers concerned about possible sea-sickness.

The glass bottom tour is more leisurely and offers the opportunity for passengers to move between a covered lower deck and upper open-air deck. And, of course, there is the hugely popular magnified view through the glass portals in the ship’s hull.

How much time should we spend on Flowerpot Island?
Are there drinks and snacks available on Flowerpot Island?
Are there washrooms on Flowerpot Island?
How many shipwrecks will we see?
Is the whole bottom of the boat glass?
Where can we park while we are on the cruise?
Why do we have to pay a National Park Entry Fee on top of our boat ticket price?
How much is the National Park Entry Fee? Can we pay for it when we arrive?
Can we take strollers to Flowerpot Island?
Are the boats wheelchair accessible?
What is your cancellation policy?
What are your camping policies?
What are your pet policies?
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Looking for Accommodations in Tobermory?
Where can you find local whitefish?

Make your stay in Tobermory a memorable one! Visit our page to make plans for your trip to Tobermory, including links to some fantastic local businesses and some valuable local information that will make your stay perfect!

tobermory boat tours


2 National Parks, multiple Nature Reserves, recognized as a UNESCO World Biosphere. Flowerpot Island. Shipwrecks. Tobermory is a natural paradise!

Tobermory is located at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula.