Fathom Five Non-Stop Glass Bottom Tour

Includes Shipwrecks & Tour of Fathom Five National Marine Park Including Flowerpot Island 

Take a nonstop scenic cruise from Tobermory through Fathom Five National Marine Park including the famous Flowerpots of Flowerpot IslandThis tour begins by passing Big Tub Harbour Lighthouse and visiting two nineteenth century shipwrecks as they lie in Tobermory’s Big Tub Harbour. From there, it proceeds to Russel Island cruising over very shallow water before crossing the Devils Island Channel and over to White Rock. It then winds through narrow channels to Cove Island, the Otter Islands, and around Flowerpot Island where you will see the beautiful flowerpots of Flowerpot Island from the water.

This nonstop scenic cruise operates only during peak season - June 18 - September 5. 
It will run a two hour trip Monday-Friday (excluding holiday Mondays).
On Saturdays and Sundays (including holiday Mondays) it will operate a one hour thirty minute nonstop cruise.

Nonstop Scenic Cruise –1 hour 30 minute – Peak Season June 17-September 4
Adult - $37.17+HST
Senior - $35.40+HST
Youth - $28.32+HST
Child – FREE

*All cruises are weather dependent and may be cancelled at any time. 
**Prices are subject to change.




Peak Season - June 17-September 4 Monday-Saturday
10:00, 11:50, 1:45, 3:30
June 17-September 4 Sunday
11:50, 1:45, 3:30

Adults $37.17
Seniors (60+) $35.40
Children (6 to 16 years inclusive) $28.32
Children (5 or under ) Free


Rates do not include HST (13%).





The red line shows the 2 hour Fathom Five Non-Stop Glass Bottom cruise. The cruise begins in Little Tub Harbor, then into Big Tub Harbor to view two shipwrecks in the shallow water at the end of the harbor. After the wrecks we head up past Doctor Island to cruise along the south and west sides of Russel Island where we go over many shoals typical of the Lake Huron side of the Bruce Peninsula. We then head north, cut across the Devil Island Channel and to a small Island that is a nesting site for the Double Crested Cormorants. We then head into the prettiest part of the trip, the southwest corner of Cove Island. Recently in this area we have been sighting Bald Eagles on a fairly regular basis. Now we continue along the south shore of Cove, through the Otter Island Channel and east to Flowerpot Island where we cruise right by the Flowerpot rock formations, and then back to Tobermory. Cruise time is two hours. Because we operate in the exposed waters of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay it is not unusual for the Captain to make alterations in the cruise to avoid sections of rough water on windy days.

non stop route


Pet Policy:

The Blue Heron Company is a pet friendly company although we do have a specific Pet Policy in place for all pets traveling on our vessels.

  • Non aggressive, people friendly dogs only.
  • Dogs must be well behaved at all times and cannot disrupt the cruise.
  • All pets travel free of charge.
  • All pets are subject to Captain, Crew, and Ticket Staff Discretion. We have the right to refuse any pet at any time.
  • Pets must be accompanied by an adult and controlled/leashed at all time.
  • Lap sized dogs (under 15lbs or 6.8kg) are allowed on all Blue Heron Company Vessels.
  • Larger dogs (over 15lbs or 6.8kg) are welcomed on all of the Jet Boat tours.
  • Owners will be responsible for cleaning up after their pet and for any damages incurred.



The Blue Heron Company has several parking lots located in the town of Tobermory for passengers going on a Blue Heron Cruise tour. All of the parking provided in these lots is free of charge. Our parking lots are located at the following locations:

  • 7425 Highway #6, Tobermory ON
  • 7456 Highway #6, Tobermory ON
  • 7445 Highway #6, Tobermory ON
  • 13 Brock Street, Tobermory ON


The township also has free parking lots throughout town however, the parking in the harbour area has a two hour limit and this limit is strictly enforced.

We operate 4 ticket sales offices. You may receive directions to parking when picking up your tickets at any of these offices. They are located at the following:

  • North side of Little Tub Harbour (where Blue Heron Cruise boats depart from)
  • 7456 Highway #6 (located at Highway #6 and Carlton Street intersection)
  • 7425 Highway #6 (located near Highway #6 and Hay Bay Road intersection)
  • 20 Head Street (hours are limited)


A free shuttle bus is available from all of our parking areas in the peak season. The lots are also close enough that you are able to walk to the boats. Should you require a pick up from a motel or campground in town, please call ahead and schedule the bus at 1-855-596-2999 x1.